Why HygieneDrone.Com?

Disinfect Environments & Kill Covid-19

HygieneDrone is an early-stage start-up for deploying drones spraying HOCl (Hypochlorous acid) to decontaminate Covid-19 infected spaces.

HygieneDrone never uses dangerous chemicals that harm the environment, animals, and humans. Our drone operators safely spray your contaminated area with HOCL. HOCL is generated by an electrolyzing water system that combines table salt with tap water. HOCL disinfectant is 100 times more powerful than chlorine bleach, all-natural, non-toxic, non-hazardous solution and KILLS 99.99% OF BACTERIA AND VIRUSES (Covid-19).

Decontamination Services

  HygieneDrone Services 

  • HOCL Industrial Medical Cleaning Drones
  • HOCL Warehouse Decontamination Drones
  • HOCL Urban Water-bombing Drones
  • HOCL Remote Power Washing  Drones
  • Managed Biohazard Cleanup By State


New Product Offerings

  • cleanlinessdrone.com
  • decontaminationdrone.com
  • hocldrone.com
  • hoclcovid19.com
  • washingdrones.com

Links to partner offerings

  • In progress

Good business keeps Americans safe to live & work.

Under quarantine millions of our unemployed and  those with jobs - choose between health and risk of COVID-19 infection and death by grocery shopping. The service economy that has been built and supply chains are all stressed. Under quarantine and in home offices - the leaders of business can not safely inhabit their skyscrapers - until new decontamination services are deployed.  

Goldman Sachs predicted the agriculture sector would be the second largest user of drones in the world in the next five years. It might have to be the hygiene industry due to COVID-19. In January 2020 - that pivot happened in China’s Shandong province. XAG’s drone fleets were deployed by a crop protection team to disinfect a community of over 300,000 square meters in  four hours. XAG pledged a 5-million-yuan fund for epidemic containment.

These services and funds have yet to exist in the USA. Drone operators need reduced barriers to entry for ability to innovate and perform remote sanitation services. Everything needs to restructure to save lives, freedoms, and prosperity